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ASCH is a custom manufacturer of unique spaces in Multi-family living and Hospitality. We proudly serve both industries with top quality in mind. 

Our Story

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Started With a Dream to Improve Lives

Our journey at ASCH began with humble roots in the heart of the Midwest, driven by our deep passion for crafting exceptional furniture and cabinetry solutions for multifamily and retail settings. As we saw the demand for our quality craftsmanship soar, we quickly realized that our skills were needed in the hospitality sector. Our pivotal moment arrived when we were commissioned to produce a custom guestroom vanity designed by The Gettys Group for Hotel Leveque-- a Marriott Autograph Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. This project ignited a profound love for the hospitality industry within our team, propelling us to expand our expertise and offerings.

With an impressive average of over two decades of manufacturing experience, we have cultivated a reputation as a trusted name in both the multifamily and hospitality industries. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and service has fueled our growth and success, driving our dedicated team to continuously exceed expectations in every project we undertake and every person we serve.

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ASCH Cabinets & Countertops

At ASCH, our expertise lies in delivering complete turnkey cabinet and countertop solutions tailored specifically for multifamily, senior living, and student housing developments. We understand the unique requirements of these environments and have honed our capabilities to address them effectively.

For multifamily properties, we focus on creating cabinets and countertops that not only enhance the visual appeal of each unit but also contribute to efficient space utilization and functionality. Our designs are crafted to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas while maintaining a stylish and modern look.

In senior living developments, we prioritize safety and accessibility without compromising on aesthetics. Our cabinets and countertops are designed with ergonomic features and durable materials to meet the needs of elderly residents while adding a touch of elegance to communal spaces.

For student housing, we recognize the importance of durability and easy maintenance. Our turnkey solutions for cabinets and countertops are built to withstand the wear and tear of active student lifestyles while providing a contemporary and inviting atmosphere in living areas and shared spaces.


ASCH Hospitality Casegoods, Seating & Vanities

Our Hospitality Team Members are experts in project management and execution of the most beautiful, and timeless pieces. ASCH is a full cycle partner, managing projects from beginning, to delivery, and onto continued client satisfaction.


It is at the heart of our company's values to give back to our community in a meaningful way. So while it's important that we enjoy success for our clients and ourselves, our end goals also hinge upon making the world around us a better place.

We proudly support the following organizations:  Rock City Church, Her Song Columbus, Pelotonia Columbus, The Stefanie Spielman Foundation, OSU Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Speak for the Unspoken, American Brain Tumor Association, Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Two Rivers Church.

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